Essential Social Media Trends You Need To Focus In 2020

Trends and updates are not a big surprise in this modern world, but knowing how the updates can help someone to grow is crucial. Social media trends and techniques are a bonus for online marketers and people who want to be famous on social media. Here are the essential updates of 2020, which you need to know. Social media can bring enormous followers for you, but still, you may need assistance from TikViral to gain services from active accounts to increase your follower base instantly and organically.

The Continued Growth Of Online Communities

Social media engagement does not mean that just being present and posting stuff, it also being engaged with your followers and building a relationship with your followers. One of the recommended ways to follow in 2020 is creating online communities and being involved with them. The initial requirement for an online community is quality content that makes them involved. Community engagement can bring a considerable reach for your profile, so you need to encourage your followers to have a conversation with you. Even if you are a start-up, buy TikTok likes services and gain more profile engagements. Doing so can keep people engaged with your brand but also bring in new leads and customers while also adding a human, personalized element to your brand.

Likes Are Not Live Anymore

Instagram is the largest social platform that has over millions of monthly active users. Instagram has announced a significant update on its platform. Instagram is going to remove the likes feature for posts. Instagram has demonstrated in a beta test. The reason behind this removal of likes is that the number of measures a person’s social value and the effort to be on the top of the count may affect people’s mental health. So Instagram has considered this state and tested it in some countries.

Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality

If you think Virtual VR and AR is for gaming and high-budget Hollywood movies, you may regret that. Marketers and brands see AR and VR as attention-driving elements, the way that VR excites and engages audiences has made marketers take advantage of it. These technologies can be incorporated with branding activities to provide real-time experience to the customers, which will increase the chances of product discovery, generating leads, and building brand awareness.

Imagine you can see that you are wearing specs without touching it, confused, how is it possible? Here is the answer. You can see wearing specs without touching through VR technology. It creates touch and feels experience to customers increases the possibilities to browse more products through virtual showrooms. This is a bonus for both brands and consumers. AR and VR are powerful technologies that are going to dominate the future.

Personalized Marketing

Personalization is an effort of satisfying a customer’s expectation with almost exactly what they want. This is a way of providing information and encouraging them effectively, providing a personalized focus, increasing customer satisfaction, and making them visit you frequently. For a better-personalized marketing plan, always have these four keywords before proceeding, Compare, Capture, Analyze, and Act. Some modes that effectively execute personalization are targeted emails, related product suggestions, and targeted ads based on search history.

Social Media Commerce

The year 2020 brought more trends that will continue to dominate the social platforms and digital marketing world. Social commerce is a hot trend that helps internet consumers to purchase within the platform. This year has brought shoppable features within social media they are currently using since social media is a flexible medium to share information and reach people efficiently. Facebook and Instagram have introduced these shoppable features to their platform.

And TikTok recently adapted social commerce in beta tests so that brands can start a branding plan on the platform. As a startup, the platform has displayed skippable ads with embedded links that direct them to a website. Social media can be the stand-alone platform that helps brands to promote their products and generates leads, and for consumers, this platform can be a time saving and preferable mode of purchasing.


As digital marketing and social media utilization and marketing keep growing, brands and marketers require creating new promotion techniques and stay alive with the current trend. Being creative and the ability to gain and retain consumers is the primary goal for every brand on the internet. Above some examples of future trends that are going to rule, marketers can build marketing strategies with these key points. Keeping an eye on what is happening and what has worked is can be the entry point of an effective marketing strategy in 2020.

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