Redact Secure Messenger

Available without charge to Members of Parliament and FTSE 500 CEOs.

Using encryption, ciphers and peer to peer messaging, Redact sends heavily encrypted messages from one phone to another without passing through any central servers. Messages you have sent or received can be redacted from both handsets at the touch of a button with no method of recovery.

  • Redact contacts list
  • Redact secure conversation window
  • “Redact is an outstanding tool for me and my colleagues to communicate and have peace of mind”
  • “Big brother is always watching? Well not any more!”
  • “Information is only valuable if its accessibility is limited - Redact really adds to that concept”


You can redact any message sent using the application. Tap the redact button and the message is instantly redacted from your phone. The message is also redacted on your contact's device. There's no way to refuse a redaction or avoid it, so you can be confident your message is deleted forever.


Peer to Peer

All instant messaging apps store messages you're sending to your contacts. No matter how securely these messages are saved, they're vulnerable to hackers or government subpoenas. Redact stores no messages, contact information or usernames so there is no information to be stolen.



Redact never asks for a username, email of phone number, you're automatically assigned a PIN. Your unique number is never stored anywhere, and there is no recovery tool for hackers to exploit. Only you can change your alias, so you can be certain contacts aren't using your real name anywhere in the application.